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Recognizing the military service of men and women from Arenzville, Illinois.

Howard Anderson
Gerald Beard
Albert Bridgeman
Charles Burrus
Edward Burrus
Jack Burrus
Kicky Charlesworth
William Charlesworth
Ralph Clark
Robert Clark
Kenneth Davis
Paul Dotzert
William Dotzert
Friedrich Engelbach
James Fischer
Lee Fox
Clyde Ginder
Ralph Ginder
Nathan Grant
Charles Ham
Herman Hendricker
John Herbert

Shirley Hierman
Harold Huppers
Gerald Jones
Lorenz Kleinschmidt
Walter Kleinschmidt
Louis Kloker
Glen Lovekamp
Floyd E. Musch
Albert Nicol
Leland Nicol
Wilbur Nicol
William Niemann
Earl Niestradt
Eldore Nobis
Melvin Nobis
Alvin Paul
Richard Peck

John Roegge
William Saylor
Floyd Schone
Wayne Schone
Francis Staake

Robert Stock
Warren Stock
Clifford Thomas
Wendell Wessler
Marlin Winkelman
Charles Witte
Robert Witte
Butch Zulauf
Malcolm Zulauf
Marvin Zulauf

Photos of others are welcome! Click here for more information.

  William T. Charlesworth

William T. Charlesworth served as a Tech 5 in the Service Battery of the 87th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. He died in 1959 and is buried in Arenzville.

The 87th AFA Battalion landed on the Normandy Beaches on D-Day plus 1 (actually the first member of their unit landed with a glider on D-Day), and they advanced across France and Germany. A unit history of the 87th AFA Battalion during World War II can be found online at http://www.jeopard.us/

Not much is known about William's service record, but in 2002, a neighbor came across a collection of snapshots and a unit history book which once belonged to him. The photos from his collection indicate that his unit saw a great deal of action. Below are some of the photos from that collection. I have not been able to identify anyone in the pictures and would welcome more information about the photos or William's service record.

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