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Recognizing the military service of men and women from Arenzville, Illinois.

About this Project:

The Village of Arenzville has always been proud of the men and women from its community who have served in the military. We recognize their contributions to defending the ideals which support a peaceful world. They have changed the face of our world, our nation, our state and our community. I am grateful to have grown up in a community which has taught me so much about service to others.

In 1991 when the village dedicated a beautiful new granite monument to the women and men who had served, I was struck by the hundreds of names carved in the stone. Some were names of people I had the privilege of knowing, but others were names of persons about whom I know very little. It occurred to me that a village ought to know more than just a name when it comes to those who have served in the military. All of their stories are worth telling. So I began collecting stories and photos with the hopes that this can be shared with others.

The information and photos you see on this site have been generously contributed by dozens of people who have helped me tell the story of our community. I have learned amazing things about my hometown from those who served overseas as well as those who served here at home. Arenzville has indeed given a lot to the world.

You can help with this project by letting me know if you are able to share photos or stories about any of the Arenzville veterans. (Please recongize that I have chosen to limit the scope of the project to only persons who lived in the Arenzville community, either at the time or their service or later.)

If you have photos of an Arenzville veteran, particularly a photo of the person in uniform, and if you can grant permission for the photo to be shared, I would be grateful to have a copy. You can either mail me a copy of the photo or send me a scanned image of the photo by email. If you are scanning the photo, please use scanner settings for high quality (this is usually a setting of 300 dpi for the resolution). Email the photo to me at bunnytel (at) gmail.com, or send it to me on a disk. (Please write me to ask for a mailing address.)

I would also be grateful to be contacted with corrections or additions in the names of Arenzville men and women listed on this site. Since I no longer live in the village, I rely on those from the community to help me keep the lists accurate and up to date.


Molly Daniel

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