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The Town Tattler

by the Arenzvillians

   V-E Day-----Just think!-----V-E DAY-----A most fitting time for us to go to press with this--the 2nd edition of your home town news sheet. A lot of "Blood, Sweat and Tears" have gone into the effort so far and we are very proud of the contribution you have made to its success. A few more good pulls, altogether and in the same direction, will get the job done and we trust that it will NEVER need be repeated.

    It is sad to have casualties reported at any time but particularly so almost on V-E Day. It is therefore with special sorrow that we report to you that a wire was received yesterday stating that John Herbert has been killed in action. He had been reported as missing some weeks ago but his death is now confirmed.

    Maybe you've heard that the Woman's Club with some outside help erected an Honor Roll about a year ago on the corner opposite Hierman's Garage. There are about one hundred forty names on it at present and there are more to be added. A dedication service, witnessed by a large crowd, was held last July 4th with Rev. Chasteen, Rev. Saathoff and Father Henehan taking part. Loren Aufdenkamp furnished accordian music. The Beardstown American Legion Post presented colors and sounded taps. Mrs. Aldo Hierman spoke a few words. The following people have contributed labor and materials toward the erection of this structure, of which we are all proud; Mide Hierman, Wilbur Huey, Dutch Hahling, Art Kleinschmidt, Ed and Wilbur Natemeyer, Shrimp Mincy, Bert Kolberer, and Dan Miller.

    Last week, Bud Burrus added the finishing touches to it by putting lattice along the bottom. Looks much nicer now. Bud returned to Camp Carson, Colorado after spending a 28 day convalescent furlough with friends and relatives here and at Beardstown. We are pleased to report that he appears to be in fine shape. However, he did return to the hospital.

    August Kleinschmidt's received a letter recently stating that Walter had been wounded in action. The letter was written by a ward boy in a hospital and dictated by Wally. Said he hoped to be able to write to them himself in another week. Hope you have a speedy recovery, Wally.

    Thought perhaps you might be interested in "who" was working "where" these days. Chas Schnitker and Hinie Meyer are operating the Arenzville Hagener Farmers Grain Co. Lois Johnson is agent at the depot while her Dad is doing substitute work at White Hall. Earl Schnitker's trucking personnel consists of Carroll Wood, Ray Schnitker, Roy Davis, Ernie Appel, Joe Maltby, and Robert Reno. Bob Brasell helps out there too during his spare time. (Sometimes wonder when Bob ever has any spare time.) John Janssen employs Inez Lovekamp, Elda Staake, Mildred Thomas and Henry Kuhlman. John Schnitker is still on the job at Wessler Electric Shop, Yank Hierman is their radio repairman and Shorty Heaton is helping them as line-man. Zulauf and Son have the following help--Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gibbons, June Lovekamp, Dorothy Thomas--Course John and Grace, Edna and Ed help some, too. Virgil Tritsch and Roy Corcoran are Shannon's right hand men. Operators at Home Telephone Co. are Idamae Peck, Mrs. Lila Niemann, Fay Hierman, and Kate Divver. With the exception of Mose Beddingfield the same force is still on duty at Hierman's Garage--Dan Miller and Lyman Peck with Collie Schaeffer helping out on busy days.

    Alvin Paul left Thurs. night for Ft. Sheridan to join the armed forces.

    We are very happy to have one of our former citizens return to this community to live. It's Mrs. Lydia Coyle. So nice to meet her on the street more often these days.

    Some Rifle Club News--------! Our Jr. Rifle Club shot a match in connection with the National Rifle Association. The team consisted of 10 members of which the five high scores counted. Out of 118 clubs competing, we ended up 42nd with a total score of 1882 out of a possible 2000.

    We have also entered another National match this spring--The William Randolph Hearst Competition--but our results weren't quite so good. Our score of 634, out of a possible 1000, only ranked 62nd out of the 110 clubs in our Sixth Service Command.

    Eldore Nobis is a popular character with us, since he has been mentioned in both issues of the TOWN TATTLER. This time we have much better news to report than last time. He was liberated from a German Prison Camp, April 12th. He wrote on Friday the 13th and said it might be unlucky for some people, but it certainly was a lucky day for him. He has lost considerable weight but hopes to gain that back while resting at a hospital.

    Doris Schnitker Lovekamp returned home Tuesday nite after being with her husband for the past couple of months. Glen was sent out this week.

    Saw a sign in a small rester restur, I mean Cafe, the other day:

    T-Bone ------- 30
    (If you want meat on it, come in and dicker)

    The Arenzville Community has been hit unusually hard the past month, with the sad news that John Herbert, Gene Fanning and Lewis Kloker have all been killed in action. John was a Tank Commander and stationed in Germany. He was killed Jan. 13th. Gene was killed Apr. 12th in Italy. He was with the Infantry (Mountain Troops). Lewis was also in the Infantry in Germany. He was killed March 28.

    As per usual, the Arenz-villians came through in fine shape in the recent clothing drive that was held during the month of April, by contributing nearly a ton of old clothes, shoes, bed clothes, etc.

    John Roegge writes home from Italy that he was confronted with this question while at work the other day. "Know anyone in this outfit from Arenzville?" John answered that he was from Arenzville and his friend introduced himself as Merle Delaney and also from Arenzville. The boys parents live only 8 miles apart. Must be wondeful to bump into someone from home after being among strangers for so long.

    Pete Filey is spending a 46 day furlough with home folks after being overseas in Iceland, England, France, and Germany for the past 39 months.

    Dale McCloud and Wayne Kolberer have been assigned to the same ship--the Saratoga. Bet they can spend lots of time reminishing about Arenzville.

    Marvin Zulauf spent a short leave with his parents recently.

    Elmer Divvers is a patient at the Schmitt Memorial Hospital in Beardstown. He received an injury to his hip recently when he fell from a ladder.

    The community was stunned by the sudden death of Dub Beard on April 17. We'll miss Dub driving by in the Home Telephone truck with one or sometimes two dogs with him.

    Ray Ingram left the States recently to report for overseass duty. Previous to his new assignments he was stationed at Norfolk, Virginia.

    At the village election held recently A. C. Hart was elected Mayor with J. A. Shannon as Clerk and Bunt Briggs, Bascom Beets, and Coonie Hahling as trustees.

    There are seven ages of woman: the infant, the little girl, the miss, the young woman, the young woman, and the young woman. ---- John Newton Baker.

    The Senior Class has completed the years course at A.C. H. S.  Commencement exercises will be held May 16. The following are members of the class: Marj Kleinschmidt, Dorothy Thomas, Joan Niemann, Eileen Kolberer, Peg Hart, Evelyn Wessler, Jeane Lovekamp, June Winkelman, Idamae Peck, Lorraine Roegge, Mary Lou Clark, Roberta Paul, Wilbur Kleinschmidt, Melvin Dufelmeier, Melvin Schone, Elmer Kleinschmidt, Harvey Hendricker, and Robert Goodpasture. Earl Niestradt will be unable to attend the graduation exercises since he reported to Great Lakes last week for service in the U.S. Navy.

    Russell Briggs returned to Ft. Taylor, Florida this week after spending a fifteen day furlough with his parents.

    We were most happy to receive a letter to-day from Bob Braner in regard to THE TOWN TATTLER. It builds us up so that we went at our second edition with renewed energy. The following is a copy of his letter:

Just received your first edition of THE TOWN TATTLER and must drop you a line to let you know I really enjoyed it, next to letters from home, cause it contains a lot that our folks forget to write. I know a lot of them sent out will not be answered but it's because the boys are busier right now that I am. At present I'm enjoying the sights of Paris. Thanks again and keep the good work up.
                Robert P. Braner

    Chas. Ham was the first one from overseas to write home stating that he had received THE TOWN TATTLER.

T'was Told to Me:

A short time ago, Mide and Laura Hierman were in Quincy visiting with friends. The four of them decided to go down town for something to eat. They were unable to park near the Cafe, so it was necessary for them to walk several blocks. As they walked along, Laura didn't think Mide looked quite natural--seemed to have his shoulders all shrugged up and his coat sleeves were much shorter than she had ever remembered them, but then, maybe it was just her imagination--so she let it pass. When they started to remove their wraps in the Cafe--Laura discovered to her surprise that she was wearing Mide's overcoat--so she looked at mide and sure enough he was standing there just as big as life in hers. Mide's comment--"Thought this damn thing didn't fit right!" Their coats are made very similar, however, there is a slight difference in size!


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With thanks to David Beard for sharing the copy he found in his dad's belongings
of this issue of The Town Tattler.



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