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The Town Tattler

by the Arenzvillians




April 1945

Charles Elliott

To every member of the armed forces from our community Whoever & Wherever you may be ---

    This is a solomn, historical occasion. You are holding a copy of the first edition of your home-town scandal sheet, printed solely for your enjoyment. No ads to clutter it up. All the news on the hour, every hour (altho possibly a few weeks late); a spontaneous sort of thing by a few of your friends who anxiously await your return after the big job is done and under the guiding wing of your local Red Cross. When our circulation exceeds the Chgo Trib, there may be a small charge but until then it is your for the asking--or I should say WITHOUT asking. If you like it please tell us so; if not turn it in on your local scrap drive. We just had one here and the kids collected 2,100# of waste paper. They are really busy little beavers when it comes to such things having made it a regular practice to gather up almost anything the big folks can do without. Altogether, they have collected 19 Tons of waste paper.

    Speaking of drives reminds us of the recent one staged by the local Red Cross. With a goal of $1,250 to meet (for the Township) folks went "all out" and cheerfully contributed $1,697.27 and when we say cheerfully we mean exactly that. We even had a "25.00" club, membership unrestricted, and it might surprise you to know who all rushed in to join up. Whether the amounts were large or small the attitude of all donors was "We hope this will do our young folks some good." Seems to boil down to this--we worked hard last year and were favored with good crops and good prices and it is a pleasure to help in the war effort in any way possible. Your old friend "Weeksy" as chairman ably assisted by Rev. Witt, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church, had a lot to do with guaranteeing its success. 'Course they had lots of help.

    Expect that you have heard of the Passavant Hospital drive for funds to re-build and add to the present structure. Arenzville is on the outer fringe of the area served by them but we are pleased to report that your homefolks again proved their generosity and good judgement by supporting the drive to the hilt. Fact is the Arenzville-Concord section was the ONLY unit able to report meeting their quota in full last week. Fact is they even EXCEEDED it by some 50%. Haven't the exact figure but Arenzville collected something over $4,5000.00 [sic] and all pledges not yet in.

    Spring has arrived in Cass and Morgan Counties. Don't know how it is where you are but it CAN'T be as nice as it is here. 'Course it rains once in a while and we do get stuck in mud holes too frequently to really enjoy it--but then the sun comes out SO bright and the grass looks SO green--Oh Boy! Groundhogs are out and mushrooms are reported as being thick--but darned if we can find 'em. Brown thrashers have been sounding off loudly for several days now--auguring well for an early spring. Farmers are anxious to get into the fields. Sounds good to hear the dull moan of the tractors in the distance.

    Bunt Briggs bought the house where Dan Miller and family reside. Doesn't plan to take possession until after the war, however.

    Hierman's Cafe is closed until further notice. Freda and Gayle are visiting with Shirley in Arlington, Va.

    Dos Lovekamp has been appointed township supervisor to fill the unexpired term of A. A. Nicol. Dos has enlarged and will use his entire building now, a part of which will be used as his supervisor's office. A fresh coat of paint makes the place look pretty neat.

    Anyone seen a stray horse? While doing some hauling from Gig Engelbach's, Tater Paul and Zach Harvey accidentally let Hart's horse out of the lot. It left town in a gallop headed south. Better get to moving Tater & Zach or you'll never overtake it.

    Tade Lovekamp and family have taken residence in the country, having moved to the Pfeil place just south of town.

    We've heard that Cele Roegge was sporting a new jeep. Anyway we saw her driving one the other nite. A Jeep causes lots of excitement in Arenzville.

    The High School boys have landed a bright idea--a basketball court between Wessler Electric Shop and Natemeyer's building. You should see those boys slave, digging out bricks and hauling sand to level off the lot. I understand it belongs to the John Lovekamp Estate and Doc Bolle and they have consented to let the boys use it for a bit of recreation.

    Ab Nicol S2/c reported to Davisville, R.I., this week, after spending a leave at home.

    John Zulauf's received some nice pictures of Dean and Lee Nicol. It was nice to see your smiling faces again and to know that you had been together.

    Joe Hoebrock purchased the old Dorand property opposite the Methodist Church and has torn it to th ground. He plans to build a home there sometime in the future.

    Several from this community are driving to nearby towns each day to do their share in winning the war. The following are employed at the Nesco defense plant in Jacksonville--Pete Wessler, Tade Lovekamp, Willard Huss, Hoolie Lovekamp, Jack Pond, Charlie McLain, Newt Nobis, Betty Schnitker Manker, Halene Johnson Reno, and Eileen Gibbons. --Edwin Lovekamp and Roland Beard are operating lathes at the Tribbey Motor Co. in Beardstown.

    Tony Pfolsgrof and Doris Hull were married recently. Tony is enjoying a furlough here after being temporarily released from a hospital in Hawaii.

    Everyone is happy to see Esther Roegge walking without her crutches now.

    Wayne Kolberer S2/c returned to Bremerton, Washington this week after spending a leave with relatives here.

    Tech. Sgt. William Huston is enjoying a furlough with home folks after being overseas for three years. He was married to Lilliam Quinn of Chicago last week.

    Everyone was certainly happy to hear the good news that Eldore (Bud) Nobis is now Prisoner of War in Germany, after having been reported missing since December 19.

    An Election was held Tuesday, April 3, 1945. The following were elected: --Lyman Peck and Fritz Kloker--Justices of the Peace; Paddy Weeks--Assessor; Harold Wessler--Town Clerk and Philip Stock--School Trustee. The following served as clerks and judges: Collie Schaeffer, A. J. Ruppel, Elmer Lovekamp, Shanty Graham, J. A. Shannon and Dos Lovekamp.

    Frances Hierman has been employed as stenographer in Washington D. C. for the past four months.

    Pvt. Gerald E. Beard is improving after having pneumonia. He is in the hospital at Kessler Field, Mississippi.

    We were very sorry to hear of Ed Hierman's death. Mr. Hierman resided in Arenzville for many years and was a prominent business man. Mide is following in his father's foot steps and is doing a good job of operating Hierman's Garage.

    It seemed natural to see Jim Manker MOMM 2/c driving by in his grey chevrolet today. He must leave again to-morrow and report back to Tompkinsville, R.I. It was a short leave but was might nice to see him again.

    Lt. Bill Niemann is spending a furlough with his mother and other relatives. He has been to school in New Orleans, La., for the past four months.

    Cpl. Russell Briggs has been transferred to Ft. Taylor, Key West, Florida. He spent a 21 day furlough with his folks last month after returning from the Aleutian Islands.


Opponents Arenzville Opponents Arenzville
Ashland 61 41 Bluffs 43 39
Chandlerville 32 33 Perry 50 29
Beardstown 37 38 Meredosia 39 35
Bluffs 35 30 I.S.D. 33 27
Chapin 15 27 Virginia 57 39
Chandlerville 34 38 Meredosia 36 37
Virginia 53 40 Chambersburg 58 36
Chapin 31 35 Beardstown 61 58
Mt. Sterling 42 39 Chambersburg 40 56

      Wilbur Kleinschmidt was the high point man of this season with a total of 226 points.

    The Juniors of the Arenzville Community High School are busy getting ready for the annual Jr. Sr. Banquet. The banquet is one of the traditional activities of the school so I suppose all of ou can remember when you were busy preparing for the gala occasion. This year the theme will be a Mexican Fiesta. It will be held April 21, at the High School.

    On the morning of April 4, the Seniors of Beardstown High School came to Arenzville to present a preview of their play which was held April 6.

    The Senior girls instigated a new club named the Sewin' So's. Instead of staying home and reading their magazines the girls go to each others homes to sew. Several girls knitted sweaters for the Red Cross. Maybe you are wearing one of them.

    The Freshman class has not been idle either. They have published a paper called "The Newsy News!"

    Another one of the seniors will soon be in the service. Earl Niestradt enlisted in the Navy last month. Others from this class are Fred Ore and Kenny Davis. A classmate of Kenny's in grade school, Eugene McEvers, was killed in action recently. Of course you have heard that Kenny was killed in action in January.

    From what we read in the papers and hear over the air we are convinced that you Arenzville soldiers and sailors (with a little help, we suppose) are doing a mighty fine job. We are very proud of all of you. Want you to get the mess cleaned up once and forever as soon as possible and then hurry home. There is a lot to be done here too; things that we have not been able to do without your help. Want to see you back at your old jobs (or better ones) in school, or on the farm (maybe one of your own this time) just as soon as possible. If you have post-war plans that might require a little outside help, let your hair down and give us the dope. Won't guarantee you a thing but we do know how to win friends and influence people and will do our best to get the wheels turning. Can't do any harm. Try us, won't you?

With thanks to David Beard for sharing the copy he found in his dad's belongings of this issue of The Town Tattler.

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