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Recognizing the military service of men and women from Arenzville, Illinois.


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World War I

Thank you for your interest. This page is still under construction. If you would like to share stories or photos of Arenzville veterans of the World War I, please contact me at webmaster (at) burgoo.org.


Help with identifying men in this Lippert family photo.

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Allen, Harry
Anderson, Julius
Appel, Ernest
Arenz, Ben
Arenz, Edw.
Arenz, Leland
Batis, Paul
Beard, Byron
Beard, Russell
Briggs, Chas.
Briggs, William
Buck, Russell
Burrus, Clarence
Charlesworth, Edward Sr.
Charlesworth, William Sr.
Daniel, Reeson
Divver, John
Dober, Edward
Dufelmeier, Harry
Fischer, Roy
Fox, Glenn
Fricke, John
Grant, William B.
Hackman, Earl
Hahling, Carl
Hahling, Frank
Hahling, Joe
Hall, George
Hauser, William
Hegner, Elmer

Herbert, Carl
Hierman, Aldo
Hierman, Gayle
Hierman, Robert
Houston, Thos.
Huffman, Christ
Huffman, George
Kleinschmidt, August
Kleinschmidt, Herman
Kolberer, Albert
Kolberer, Walter
Krueger, Ben
Kruse, Harry
Kuhlman, Frank
Kunzeman, Edward
Lippert, Harry
Lippert, Roy
Lippert, William

Lovekamp, Arthur
Lovekamp, Elmer
Lovekamp George
Lovekamp Hugo
Lovekamp, Robert
Lutkehus, Otto
Mackey, Lawrance (sp?)
McElroy, William
Meyer, Rudolph
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Geo.
Niestradt, Arthur
Niestradt, Harry
Parlier, Eldon
Paul, Edwin
Peck, Elmer
Peck, Joseph
Pfeil, John
Potter, Fred
Potter, Noah
Schnake, Edwin
Staake, Alfred
Stanley, Orin
Stock, Arthur
Stocker, Byron
Theivogt, Alvin
Thompson, Earl
Thompson, Wesley
Treadway, Dr. Walter
Tritsch, Albert
Vallery, John
Van Herck, William
Wessler, L.J.
Wheaton, Archie
Williams, Troy
Winkelman, Geo.
Witte, Albert
Witte, Henry
Yeck, Chas.
Zillion, James
Zulauf, Charles

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